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Enid Baseball - EJRT Baseball FAQs


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  1. How do I get a team into EJRT?

    To enter a team into the EJRT league, coaches need to obtain a coach’s application from the league office or click here to obtain one on-line. The EJRT Baseball Commission reviews all applications. In February, a general membership meeting is held to cover the registration procedures. Coaches are required to attend that meeting as well as registration in February or March.

    Once registration is complete, rosters and fees are turned into the applicable area director. Schedules are then distributed prior to the start of the season at another general membership meeting.
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  2. What if I only have a few players? How do I get more players?

    A team can be formed with just a nucleus of players. Open registration occurs in February and March and at that time, players that do not have a team to play on will register with the league in their junior high school area. EJRT Commissioners at registration will then pick players from that list and add them to their roster.
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  3. How competitive is EJRT?

    In the t-ball and coach pitch divisions, the emphasis is placed on learning how to play the game and every player bats and plays defensively. In the 10U through the 12U divisions, rules require limited pitching appearances and each youngster plays a minimum number of innings defensively in each game. Normal baseball rules and strategy are used. Players earn the right to have more playing time by working hard and improving their individual and team skills. Most coaches play as many people as possible in each game. Teams are seeded in all divisions to try to give balance to the playing schedule and prevent mismatches in leagues.

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  4. How are teams formed?

    New teams are permitted to enter the program with a complete team or with just a nucleus of players. The age cutoff for EJRT Baseball is May 1st and January 1st for softball. Individual players of correct age will be placed on teams on a space available basis. Normally, players are required to return to their last season’s team, unless they get a release from last year’s coach. There are no tryouts.

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  5. What about baseball facilities?

    EJRT Baseball Complex is in Crosslin Park located on Purdue about 2 blocks west of Hwy 81 in Enid, OK. The complex features six fenced, well-lighted fields, complete with dugouts, bleachers and electronic scoreboards on all north fields. Restrooms and two concession stands are available. The Baseball Director’s office is located on the north complex in the umpires office. The baseball fields are the best in northwest Oklahoma. The fields are manicured and maintained by the City of Enid.  Softball games for 10U, 12U and 14U are played at Goverment Springs Park - South Upper fields

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  6. How long is the season?

    Teams are formed in February of each year. The regular season begins in March for most teams and ends in July. Teams of all levels have the opportunity to play in our weekend tournaments.

    Note: No game will be scheduled after 7:45 while school is in session as long as possible.

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  7. What does it cost to play at EJRT?

    Individual player fees for 4yrT-ball  is $45.00
    Individual player fees for 6u T-ball is $65.00
    Individual player fees for ages 7-12 is $75.00
    Individual player fees for ages 14U is $85.00.
    Team fees for baseball and softball are $100.00 for 6U, $150.00 for 8U-12U.

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  8. What are EJRT’s expenses?

    A well-run baseball program is expensive. Large portions of the fees go for insurance premiums for players and coaches for baseball related injuries. Trained, paid umpires officiate every game. Other expenses include paid field maintenance employees and building maintenance, and a Director of Baseball position paid by EJRT. Baseball equipment, baseballs, etc.

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  9. How important is sportsmanship?

    Sportsmanship is one of the most important aspects of the program. Lifelong skills of teamwork and sportsmanship are developed in the ages encompassed in the EJRT program. Profanity will not be tolerated at games or practices. Use of alcohol and/or drugs will not be tolerated at the EJRT complex. Proper dealings with umpires are encouraged. Ejections, which carry a mandatory one game suspension, do occur. The EJRT Baseball Commission deals with more flagrant actions.

    Each year, high school age teens are recruited to be new umpires and, along with umpires with previous experience. New umpires start officiating at the younger levels. As they gain skill and ability, they move up to the older age levels. EJRT is always looking for new umpires.

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  10. How can I find out what is going on at EJRT?

    In addition to meetings for coaches, EJRT will post notices on the bulletin board outside the umpires office. If you have any questions please e-mail one of the commissioners in your age groups or one of the officers. They will get back to you as soon as possible. Please leave your phone # if you would like a call.

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